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International Fashion Festival

is glamorous annual gathering bringing together some of the world’s most prestigious designers in a unique waterfront setting With more than 20 years of international experience, Belgrade-based agency, Fabrika, head up the logistics of the 3-day affair, which will host international fashion icons, celebrities and even royalty.

The fashion displays will be followed by a series of VIP cocktail events and exclusive afterparties, bringing what is set to be one of the most dramatic events the village has ever seen. Regent Porto Montenegro, the exquisitely designed five-star sea front luxury hotel, located in the heart of the development, is the main sponsor and hub of the festival. Here, Italy meets Riviera chic: Arched colonnades and shaded terraces await the international press and the festival’s key players.

Renato Balestra, LaQuan Smith, House of Hend of Dubai, Antonio Grimaldi and many more have joined us last year, each showcasing their high-end fashion pieces which have been endorsed by international fashion icons, celebrities and even royalty, thanks to their intricate designs and fine detail. This year, we have even more surprises in store.

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